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About Us

                                Splendour Trucking is one of the few emerging logistics provider, who cares for the timely and efficient service to the customers. Our desire is our passion, our passion is our confidence, and our confidence is our strength. The passion to excel in the service we provide to our customers, by efficiently managing our fleet, following safety compliance, using the updated technology and by understanding the need to respect the importance of time.

We focus on the quality of service we provide and to achieve this we follow the principals of reliability, accountability, continuous learning and assurance.


We believe that creating appropriate solutions creates reliable service.

We are certain that learning is an endless process, and through continuous learning of the new technology and the changing needs of this industry, we try to keep on the top of growing logistic demands for customer benefits.

We have full responsibility to provide our customers excellence in delivery and always are available and accountable for our service and providing the solutions that meets the expectations of all involved.

We strongly believe in high quality and its impact on customer satisfaction. To successfully focus on Quality Assurance, we ensure that:

  • We understand, meet and exceed customer requirements, and achieve customer delight.

  • We strongly focus on productivity, reliability, timeliness and safety through continual process improvements.

  • We regularly monitor and review quality of our work.

  • We provide resources and training to our employees to meet the high quality standards of customer service.

Our Principles

Why us?

Passion for logistics and entrepreneurial spirit permeate everything we do, driving process excellence and supporting our ambition to be viewed as the ultimate logistics professionals. We create value for our customers by consistently providing exceptional service.

We recognize our customers as our foundation by continuously striving to develop, maintain, and sustain the highest level of customer service by being relentless in our dedication to customers' needs and their business objectives. Personal attention to every clients individual needs. With right technologies in place, we aim to reduce operational expenses remarkably.

Our commitment to customers has been the driving force in our continued growth. We know that true success is about customer satisfaction, so we've made it our goal to continue to develop the services that will save our customers time and money.

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